Golden Ratham & Periyava

Sri Kumar of Vignesh studio started the golden ratham procession for Mahaperiyava few years back on anushams. Then it extended for avittam (Pudhu Periyava’s star) and extended further for Uthiradam (Balaperiyava’s Jayanthi) – I think.  Sri Pudhu Periyava to the best of my knowledge, has attended almost all of this…He walks with the ratham….

Look at this video, where the cameraman had focused on His lotus feet. These are the feels that walked briskly from Kashmir to Kanyakumari multiple times as padhayatra when He was young….Now due to age, it struggles to make next steps. Yet, yet – He makes it a point to do the pradakshinam of adhishtanam along with the ratham every time….Nothing can stop – rather He gets extra energy when doing anything for His guru….We all need to learn from Periyava to learn guru bakthi.

There were some parts where the video quality went bad but again comes back to normal after few minutes….



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